Choice of tyre

The choice of a tyre must conform to the legislation, in line with the equipment recommended by the vehicle and tyre manufacturer or by an official organisation (size, load and speed indices, tyre structures, etc.).

Depending on the legislation in force and for technical reasons, it is either mandatory or strongly recommended to use tyres of the same type on the same axle.

Tyre type

By “tyre type”, European Regulation means tyres which do not have significant differences between them, in particular relating to:

  • the manufacturer;

  • the tyre size designation, speed index , and load index;

  • the category of use (road use, snow, temporary use);

  • structure (diagonal ply, radial, runflat).

It is recommended that tyres of comparable wear are fitted on the same axle. Some country level legislations set maximal differential on tread depth.

In case of buying used tyres we recommend asking a tyre professional to check them.

A temporary spare tyre must not be used on a long-term basis or above the maximum speed indicated on the tyre or wheel. It should only be used in accordance with the tyre and vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. Care should be taken when driving a vehicle with a temporary spare fitted, as the vehicle’s handling may be affected.

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