Storage and maintenance

General conditions

Storage should be :

  • Away from any chemical substances, solvents or hydrocarbons likely to interfere with the nature of the rubber

  • Away from any object that could penetrate the rubber (e.g. sharp metal)

  • Away from any source of heat, flame, incandescent object, material that could cause sparks or electrical discharges and any ozone sources (transformers, electric motors, welding devices, etc.)

Avoid crushing tyres under other objects.

Any tyre stored outside should be cleaned and dried before fitting.

Accessories must be stored in their original packaging, on surfaces that do not present any danger of cutting, tearing or perforation. In all cases, tyres and accessories must be handled with care.

orium suv winter profile

Short-term storage

(up to 4 weeks)

Tyres can be stacked one on top of the other, preferably on pallets. However, the height of the stacks should not exceed 1.2 metres due to the potential instability of the pile.

If a tyre have been distorted, keep it unstacked for 1-2 days so the tyre could return to its normal shape.

When fitted on rims, tyres should be stored inflated, in an upright position on racks or in a single layer on shelves.

Long-term storage

Tyres should be stored upright on racks with no direct contact to the floor.

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