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The Orium brand provides safe tyres with modern design in all key product categories in Passenger Car, SUV, and Light Truck product segments.

Orium All seasons

Modern tread design for multi condition usage

Season: All seasons

Section: 155 to 225mm

Diameter: 13" to 18"

Series: 40 to 80

Speed Index: T-H-V-W

Orium Touring

SILICA compound technology

Season: Summer (Touring)

Section: 135 to 195mm

Diameter: 13" to 14"

Series: 80 to 55

Speed Index: T-H

Orium HP

Advanced wear performances

Season: Summer (High Performance)

Section: 165 to 225mm

Diameter: 15" to 16"

Series: 45 to 65

Speed Index: T-H-V-W

Orium UHP

Excellent handling

Season: Summer (Ultra High Performance)

Section: 205 to 255mm

Diameter: 17" to 19"

Series: 35 to 60

Speed Index: H-V-W-Y

Orium Ice

Very good traction and braking on ice

Season: Winter (Ice)

Section: 185 to 225mm

Diameter: 15" to 17"

Series: 65 to 50

Speed Index: T

Orium Winter

Outstanding traction on snow, wet and slush

Season: Winter

Section: 165 to 245mm

Diameter: 15" to 18"

Series: 65 to 40

Speed Index: H-T-V

Orium 501

Excellent handling

Season: Winter (Ice)

Section: 175 to 225mm

Diameter: 13" to 17"

Series: 70 to 50

Speed Index: T

Orium 601

Directional tread pattern

Season: Winter

Section: 145 to 245mm

Diameter: 13" to 18"

Series: 80 to 40

Speed Index: Q-T-H-V

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